Architectural Grandeur

Popular Ancient Architecture of Andhra Pradesh

Andhra is known nationally and internationally for its rich cultural heritage. The unique cultural manifestations added contributions over a period of time that still remain fresh in the minds of the citizens. In fact, these contributions are visually and in audio- terms very attractive and are worth viewing.

The Cultural Richness of the Andhra Desam

The culturally conscious artisans and architects provide a new dimension to the Andhra culture. The Andhra Cultural aura has been heightened by the architecturally attractive Buddhist stupas, Hindu as well as Jain temples, grand churches, wonderful mosque. The Hindu architectural manifestations as well as Islamic tombs bring in superb cultural architectural manifestations such as Toli Masjid, and, no doubt, the famous Jama Masjid.

Who are all the Andhra Desam cultural contributors?

Undoubtedly , several rulers contributed towards the rich heritage of Andhra such as Satvahanas, Ikshavakus, Pallavas belonging to Tamil Nadu, the Cholas, the Deccan Chalukyas, The Vijaynagar Kings and, of course ,the Chalukyas from Deccan, and, of course, no doubt, the European style also adds to architectural grandeur.

City attractions

The Andhra Desam has certainly evolved over a period of time and the cities have developed in their own way. Cities such as Puttaparthi, Machilipatnam, Tirupati, Vishakapatnam, Tiurpati, Viziyanagaram as well as being in Tirupati.

Uniqueness Andhra Desam architectural manifestation

One has the delightful experience of browsing through popular Borra Caves, Amaravati Archaeology, Undavalli Caves. Also, one has the opportunity to sip in the grand architectural displays that one come across in European, Islamic, as well as modern architecture.

Architecture is what draws tourists towards the state in large numbers. A state gains much standing architecturally on account of its rich heritage.