Artisan's Talents

Andhra Pradesh Artisan's Talents

Talented Andhra Pradesh artisans are geniuses as their expertise in creating colorful manifestations are acknowledged world - wide. The red cultural wine of Andhra Desam can be sipped by all and sundry, even those residing abroad and the heady feeling of richness in cultural creativity just makes your head reel.

What Makes One Want to Visit Andhra Pradesh?

Kondapalli Toys:

Children and even adults love possessing these attractive and ethnic creative products. The traditional appeal that comes through these beautiful Kondapalli toys is extremely unforgettable and one would want to posses it for all times.


The Kalamkari designs are exquisite in taste and are popular with the women of state who prefer to wear clothes which are adorned with eye-catching designs. The Andhra Desa culture is vividly reflected through the Kalamkari displays.

Bronze Creations:

Bronze icons of Gods and Goddesses seen almost in every household that add to the gaiety of festivity and celebrations that simply glamorize religious festivities. The precious metal is much in demand as Andhra Desam as women are into daily religious practice.