Experience the authentic and exotic cuisine of Andhra Pradesh


Delicious Food Experience

Delicious Food Experience in Vizag

When visited Vizag on a holiday, it was refreshing to enjoy the local cuisine. We loved the poor and patoli. It was seasoned with coriander seeds and onions and was a satiating breakfast. We also loved the bellam pulusu, a rich sweet stew that was unique to our palate, but something we enjoyed thoroughly. In fact, my children wanted to eat it everyday! It was during this holiday that I realized what wonderful cuisine Vizag and Andhra Pradesh is blessed with. Thank you APTDC for introducing us to this great Uttarandhra cuisine. We loved it!

- Suresh Mahajan



Delicious Food Experience

Rayalseema cuisine is world-class

When we visited the Rayalseema region on a holiday, we knew we had to try the local cuisine as we had heard a lot of about. We loved the Ragi rotis served with ghee and pulusu. We also highly recommend the rice-based vada called Attirasaalu. It is unique, as it made with jaggery. When we felt like munching in between meals, we feasted on masala borugulu. I think eating the local cuisine is one of the best ways to under the culture and traditions of people.

- G.Saravanthi