Dance Manifestations

Dance Manifestations

Dance on land of Andhra Desa is highly creative, lilting and reverberating. Andhra leaves no stone unturned in promoting the best forms of dance manifestation, which leave behind a taste of fine arts that lingers on for a long time. The dances of Andhra are unique in style, can simply elate your mood in no time and provide entertainment that perhaps can never be felt anywhere else.

Specialty of Andhra Desa Dances


The choreography of Kuchupudi is simply exquisite and the performers make every effort to give the best dance presentation, that remain fresh for memories to come. This dance is elegantly exemplary and is aesthetically exotic. You will want to revive your taste for fine arts in case you have decided to live low in creative arts.

Butta Bommalu:

This is a folk dance that has its descent from Tanuku, which is situated in West Godavari. The dancer wears different masks, comprising.

Vilasini Natyam:

One has the occasion to have splendid look about the spectacular dance performances of Devasis. Despite the anti-devasis act, Vilasini Natyam continues.


An oldest dance form in Andhra Desam, this is a mythological based story form of dance involving Lord Shiva and Parvathi. A feel of real traditional Andhra is well portrayed through Burrakatha and as a visitor keen on imbibing Andhra traditions, spending hours listening to the loud drumbeats, that continue to reverberate in one's ears over a period of time.


Rythmic drumbeats, ringing ankle bells, the Dappu dancers' lively dances at marriages and on other festive occasions, making use of costumes that are eye-catchy and make sure of colorful makeup are indeed a moment of ecasty. Traditional musical instruments are made use of such as tabla, cymbal, along with a backdrop of a harmonium. The rural people are treated to mythological manifestations.


Festivity, music reverbating allround, dancers dressed in traditional tribal attire and ornaments which make the occasion very memorable and never to be forgotten.


Kolattam is rhythmic and the movements are visually attractive and highly enticing a person to take part in. Bonalu- Colourfully attired women holding pots on their head, stepping and dancing to rhythmic tunes and beats, praising Goddess Mahakali. The rhythmic movements Dhimsa- Undoubtedly, never to be forgotten tribal dance performances held at weddings and festivals.

Do be a part of gaiety and festivals of Andhra Desa and taste the ethnicity of a culture that has evolved over a period of time and appeals to one's aesthetic sense.