Historical Genesis

Historical Genesis

Andhra Pradesh, also known as Andhra Desam, is known for its rich cultural ethos and heritage that encompasses several heritages of other Indian States. Why so? Several dynasties made spectacular contributions in the field of art, culture including architecture, music etc. and this has definitely enhanced the image of the Andhra Pradesh not only nationally but also globally.

Who were to first arrive on Andhra Desam soil?

Historically, the early Andhras made their appearance in the Aitareya Brahmana (B.C. 800) . It was referred to as Dakshina Padh in earlier days. Who all lived in Dakshina Padh. It was during the Mauryan period that the Andhras gained much prominence in the Southeastern Deccan.

Views of Megasthenese about Andhra Desam?

The famous Greek traveler during the Maurya Dynasty had much to say about the richness of Andhra Desam cultural manifestation. He was in India during (B.C. 322-297) and focused upon the fortification efforts of the Maurya Dynasty rulers. In his historical works, Megasthese mentioned that almost 30 towns were fortified towns. The army consisted of 1,00,000 infantry, 1,000 elephants, and 2,000 cavalry. Several kingdoms were situated in the Godavari belt during that period.

Who all reigned in the Andhra Desam?

During the ancient period the following popular ancient dynasties made their respective contribution towards rich cultural evolution.

Ancient Period

Medieval Period

Modern Period

Post–Independence Era

Cultural Richness of Andhra Pradesh

Annamayya, Kuchupudi, Tyagaraja, Annamacharya as well as Tyagarajay made proud the Andhras for their ability in making rich cultural contributions. The legendary city of Amravati ruled by Satyavahanas