Musical Lyrical

Musical Lyrical ( Traditional, Folk & Modern Music )

Music is the heart throb of any state as it brings forth vividly of the local musicians lilting music that has crossed seas and oceans, appealing to the foreigners. Lyricists, Bhajans, Instrumental Displays have added to the musical galore, which have brought the state into the limelight.

What Makes Andhra Musicians Distinct?

The ragas and the musical presentation of Tgayaraja Bhajans, highly scintillating ragas of Shyama Shastri, Venkatadri Swami the religious kirtanans. The talented composers have rendered the religious cultural ethos of the Andhra Desam. Krishnamacharyulu, a popular musicologist and is versatile in composing kritis. The renderings of Balamurlaikrishna has definitely made classical music very popular and not to forget Chitti Babu. Musical concerts are a regular feature and music lovers spend hours and even the young people also love listening to such music.

Festivity Galore!

Religious music is a major rendering during major festivals such as Ganesh Chaturthi, Annamacharya Dusshera, Ramanavami and other important festivals. The Carnatic style of music has appealed to all music lovers of the state as well as those living abroad. Religious kirtanans add rich musical flavor to the occasion. Music provides much solace and folk ballads convey the true essence of religious historical essence.

Musical Presentations

The intricate designs on silver ware designed by talented artisans, would like to be possessed by art connoisseurs who would Concerts are held regularly in order to spread the gospel of true religious teachings which provide much solace to those who are suffering and undoubtedly for music lovers. The state musicians are deeply involved in enriching the cultural nuances of the state. One can spend one’s evenings listening to classical manifestations.