Privacy Policy

The Andhra Pradesh Tourism Development Corporation has a strict privacy policy and visitors to the website are advised to read this policy before browsing through the site.


All emails received by the APTDC are kept confidential and are not distributed for any purpose to any organisation or product promotion company. Email addresses are closely guarded for privacy and a proper system has been put in place to ensure that no company or individual can get access to email IDs. Any inquiry received by emails is answered and the record of the same is mentioned in a register to facilitate a follow up the next day.
The APTDC has a strict spam policy and does not send unsolicited emails for season’s greetings or promotions unless recipients request for details in writing.

Accommodation Listing

The APTDC has a strict policy about listing details of hotels and resorts operating throughout the state. An extensive research is carried out on each hotel or resort before it is listed on the APTDC website. The management of APTDC has the rights to add or delete a particular listing based on the feedback received from clients and guests without informing the hotel or resort.

The information related to accommodation is updated on a periodic basis and the when tariff of the accommodation changes, the same is revised on the site. The tariff displayed for different hotels and resorts are subject to change without prior notice.