Traditional Attires

Traditional Attires

Dress represents a country’s cultural norms and practices. Like every other country, India has its own traditional costumes, and coming down to Andhra Pradesh, dress traditions, the style in vogue is a saree and dhoti, which is worn by the most of the communities, whereas some wear salwar kameez like the Muslims and Sikhs. Tastefully dressed in colorful costumes the Lamabadi women add much glamour to cultural ethos that Andhra Pradesh is known for these tribal women are adorned with silver jewellery and wear gharas and cholis. These multi-colored costumes draw the attention of the visitors who are fascinated by these highly decorated costumes, which are of manifold designs and colors that are very appealing to the eye.

Typical Andhra Women Attire

The sari is worn in marigold colors and is available in popular materials such as Kajeeravaram, Mangalgiri cotton, Dharmavaram sarees. The women of the state look attractive in these costumes and are endearing to the foreigners. In fact, the later also adorn themselves with these traditional dresses and place their bindi on their forehead. The Muslim women prefer to wear Salwar Kameez or churidars, although sari is also preferred by them and the Sikhs and Jains also opt for such attire.

Typical Men’s Attire

Men prefer to wear the traditional white dhoti with gold border. Sometimes some of them are highly colorful in nature. They are comfortable to wear during summer. Andhra Desam is splendid to visit as the attires simply brighten up your day as you as a tourist cannot simply not avoid appreciating bright and devastatingly and eye-catching traditional dresses worn proudly by the local women and men.