Tourism Buses / Transport

Andhra Pradesh is a popular destination for visitors not just from around India, but also from across the world. The rich heritage and diversity that the state has to offer is unique selling point. The sheer number of visitors coming to experience the rich cultural and historic treasures in the state necessitates the set up of an efficient network of buses. The bus services offered by AP Tourism are of the highest standards, keeping in mind the safety and comfort of the visitors

What Makes AP Tourism Bus Service Unique?

The buses are well-maintained to ensure all road safety standards are maintained and offer a stress-free travel experience to visitors. The drivers are licensed and trained to handle and drive heavy vehicles. They also undergo periodic training on road safety and safe driving. In addition, AP Tourism realizes that driving long distances is tiring for a driver and can result in accidents. That is why there are always two drivers for every 350 kilometers. These drivers are experienced and well-trained and ensure travelers are comfortable and safe during their journey.Due to high importance being given by AP Tourism to safe driving practices, the ratio of accidents of AP tourism buses are much lower compared to private bus services.

AP Tourism Department is the first tourism department in the country to introduce Benz and Volvo buses to get travelers quickly, comfortably and safely to their destinations. These luxurious buses make it very convenient to visit places of attraction not just in the state, but also neighboring states of Maharashtra and Karnataka.

The AP Tourism Department also offers travelers an opportunity to customize their tours to suit their budget, schedules and interests. They can use the services of an expert and knowledgeable guide to accompany them on their travels. The guide travels with the visitor in the bus or preferred mode of transportation. This can be reassuring for single women and aged travelers. Tapping on the wealth of knowledge and information that the guide has to offer can be an enlightening experience.