Vizag Unforgettable Experience


Visakhapatnam, which is popularly referred to as Vizag, is named after God Vaishaka. The city is a port city, located along the shores of Bay of Bengal and is headquarters to the Eastern Naval Command of the Indian Navy. Although considered to be an industrial city, Vizag has a rich and vibrant culture and heritage. The city was part of the ancient Kalinga Empire and was ruled by renowned kings, such as Ashoka and Krishnadeva Raya. During the 18th century, the city was a Dutch colony. Today, Vizag embraces its past and present seamlessly, making it an interesting and attractive city to spend holidays.

Vizag is blessed with natural beauty, with hill ranges, pristine beaches along its coastline and lush, natural valleys. The city is surrounded by three hills, Sri Venkateswara Konda, Ross Hill and Dargah Konda. Each hill is home to a shrine, dedicated to three different religions. The Venkateswara Konda is home to the Vekateswara Temple, which is dedicated to Lord Shiva; Ross Hill houses the Church of Virgin Mary; and the Dargah Konda is home to the tomb of a Muslim saint called Baba Ishaq Madina Dargah.


Haritha Hotel, Visakhapatnam
Located on Beach Road, the hotel has air-conditioned suites, air-conditioned rooms and standard rooms, which are located on the ground floor. This hotel is perfect to enjoy the wonders and attractions that the city has to offer.

Haritha Beach Resort, Visakahapatnam
Located on Bhimli Road, Rushikonda, this beautiful beach resort has a presidential suite, 10 luxury rooms, air-conditioned executive and deluxe rooms and standard air-conditioned rooms. Guests can enjoy the beautiful waters of the Bay of Bengal and the pristine sandy beach while staying at this resort.

Haritha Jungle Bells
This unique and idyllic resort has wooden cottages, with and without air-conditioning and wooden log huts. It has a wonderful restaurant and a fabulous view tower. It is the perfect place for trekking on trails in the forests, bird watching, and enjoying tribal dances and sports. It is the resort for a rural holiday in Andhra Pradesh.


Araku Valley

Araku Valley

Located at a height of 3,200 feet in the midst of the hills of Anantagiri, Araku Valley is a beautiful and enchanting hill station. The salubrious climate, musically gurgling streams, the rainbow-creating waterfalls and lush green landscape can offer a memorable escape from the city life. The valley is located about 112 kilometres from Visakhapatnam. Araku Valley is home to 19 indigenous tribes and offers a wonderful opportunity to get insights into the lifestyle of these tribes and their culture and traditions. Dhimsa dance, a kind of folk dance, is a major attraction for its rhythmic beats and colourful costumes. Itika Pongal is a popular festival that is celebrated in the region and is worth experiencing.


Valley Resort, Araku

Located amidst lush greenery of Araku Valley, this resort is a yatri nivas that offers air-conditioned suites, non-air-conditioned suites and non-air-conditioned deluxe rooms. It is tranquil and peaceful and has well-landscaped gardens to relax, rest and rejuvenate.

Haritha Mayuri, Araku

Enjoy the natural beauty of Araku Valley and its hidden treasures while staying at the Haritha Mayuri. It has suites, deluxe rooms and standard rooms, all air-conditioned. It also has deluxe rooms without air-conditioning. The resort has a wonderful craft centre that is worth exploring.


Borra Caves

Borra Caves

These caves are located 1,400 metres above sea level in Visakhapatnam's Anantagiri area. The caves are famous for their beautiful stalagmite and stalactite formations. Borra Caves have both religious and historical significance. The locals flock to the caves to worship a Shivalinga and an idol of Kamadenu, the divine bovine goddess of Hindu mythology. This idol is located deep inside caves. The rock formations inside the caves look like udders of a cow and hence, these caves also are called Gosthani William King George belonging to the Geological Survey of India was instrumental in discovering Paleolithic implements in 1807. It is believed that these implements were about 1 million years old.


Kailasagiri Hill

Kailasagiri Hill

The hill station of Kailash Giri is a popular tourist destination and getaway. It offers an awe-inspiring view of the Bay of Bengal and is home to the beautiful Rushikonda Beach and RK Beach. The surrounding hills are lush and green and offer a wonderful respite from the concrete jungle of Visakhapatnam. One of the attractions of Kailash Giri is its huge park called the Floral Watch. This park is shared like a watch and covered with grass. However, the main attraction is undoubtedly the massive statues of Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati made from white marble. These statues are located on the hill, on a platform. As the base of Lord Shiva's statue, there is a stream that flows all the way to the foot of the hill. There is a ropeway service that allows visitors to access the hill and offers stunning view of the city and the Bay. There even is a scenic and panoramic road leading to the top of the hill.

RamaKrishna Beach

RamaKrishna Beach

Located along the coast of Vizag, Rama Krishna Beach is known for its pristine sands and crystal clear waters of the Bay of Bengal. It is adjoining the Lawson's Bay Beach and offers awe-inspiring natural views and vistas. The beach is perfect for catching mesmerising sunsets and sunrises. The beach is home to the Kali Temple, VUDA Park, a submarine museum and several roadside eateries and restaurants. While the Rama Krishna Beach is not safe for swimming, there are many attractions and activities to keep visitors busy. There is a poignant war memorial on the beach called the Victory at Sea. This memorial is dedicated to the memory of brave soldiers, who laid down their lives during the 1971 Indo-Park War.



Submarine Museum

The city of Vizag offers so many creative and unique attractions that visitors will often be overwhelmed by them. One of the innovative attractions of the city is the submarine museum. Located on the Ram Krishna Beach, this museum is housed inside a real submarine. INS Kurusura is a Soviet-built submarine which was decommissioned on February 28, 2001 after serving the nation for 21 glorious years. The submarine with all its weaponry and fittings was hauled on to the beach and placed on a concrete foundation at the Gajapathi Raju Marg on the beachfront.


Dolphin's Nose & the Port

Dolphin's Nose & the Port

Dolphin's Nose is a huge rocky headland, around 174 metres in height. It is located in the southern part of Vizag. The rock gets its name because of its resemblance to a dolphin's nose and is located 358 metres above sea level. It projects majestically out into the Bay of Bengal and is a natural formation that attracts many visitors.On top of rock formation is a huge lighthouse, which is renowned for its powerful beam. The light beam can be seen far out in the sea, about 64 kilometres from land. This is the oldest lighthouse in the city and offers stunning and panoramic view of the Bay and the city.

Leisure Tour

Dep: 7.30 AM (Day-1) Arr: 10.30 PM (Day -2)
Visakhapatnam—Dindi (N/H)-Papikondalu-Visakhapatnam.

N.A/C: 3650/- A/C : 4300/-

Jagdalpur Package

Dep: 6.00 AM (Day-1) Arr: 8.30 AM (Day -3) Visakhapatnam – Borracaves – Araku (N/H)-Jagadalpur and back to Vizag tour

N.A/C:4000/- / 3200/-

Arasavalli Package Tour

Dep: 6.00 AM (Day-1) Arr: 7.30 PM (Day -1)
Visakapatnam-Arsavilli- (sun temple) Srikurmam temple, Salihundam (Buddhist Monastery, Kalingapatnam- Beach –Visakapatnam

N.A/C: 500/- / 400/-

Temple Cum Hill Station Tour

Dep: 6.00 AM (Day-1) Arr: 7.30 PM (Day -1) Srimukhalingam, (Mukhalingeshwara swamy temple) Asravalli Temple (Sun Temple), Srikurmam Temple, Junglebells, Tyda, Araku (N/H), Ananthagiri, Borra Caves

N.A/c: 2500/- A/C: 3500/-

Temple Tour

Dep: 6.00 AM (Day-1) Arr: 9.00 PM (Day -2) Visakapatnam-Annavaram-Pithapuram, Kakinada, Murramalla, Anthervedi, Dindi and back

N.A/c: 4150/- A/c: 4900/-